About the Author

Sara E. Lundberg is a contemporary fantasy writer and freelance editor. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of Kansas and a certificate from the Professional Sequence in Editing program at UC Berkeley.

By day, Sara works full time as a copy editor for the University of Kansas. At night, she morphs into her writer alter ego and writes stories where she promises her protagonists happy endings but tortures them until they get there. In the odd hours outside of time and space, she freelance edits for indie press Bottle Cap Publishing and manages the Confabulator Café, a website she co-founded with other members of her writing group. She participates in National Novel Writing Month every year and was the Municipal Liaison for her region for seven years.

Sara is currently querying a novel, hoping for her big break. In the meantime, she spins other tales, which can be read in varying mediums across the internet.

Sara has a writer husband, a supervillain-in-training step son, and a spoiled vegetarian pit bull who is allergic to grass. She also has the best writing group in the world and wouldn’t be the writer she is today without them.