Collections Galore!

Hello everyone! My editing schedule has kept me hopping lately. I’ve been working on a few different collections from different authors.

I transitioned from the Transmonstrified project over to a project from dark fiction writer Jack Campbell, Jr. He’s working on putting together a collection of his short stories–both published and not–that he’s written up to this point in his writing career.

All Manner of Dark Things is very different from the fantasy collection I just came off of, but it’s been fun and challenging in its own right.

all-manner-of-dark-things-frontI’ve only got a couple more stories left to edit for him, and then I’ll send it back his way. He’s hoping to get this thing out sometime in April or May. If you like horror and dark fiction/fantasy, this is the collection for you. Jack manages to balance horror and humor within this collection, although I will admit it can be pretty bleak at times. He is a master of capturing the darker sides of the human condition.

I’ll put out an update here when it’s available for purchase. It will be available in ebook form, and I know he’s pricing it very reasonably.

Once I put this collection to rest, I will dive into Slow Boat to Fast City. I finally got the first batch of stories from Sean Demory for that, and I’m excited to begin work on them in earnest.

Oh! And before I forget: Transmonstrified is now also available in paperback! I received my copy, and it is just gorgeous. If you are a tactile person like me, definitely go get yourself a copy. Completely worth it.

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