Hey, if you are going to be in the Kansas City area Memorial Day weekend, you should stop by the Marriott Downtown and explore the wonders of ConQuest 46! It’s a three-day science fiction and fantasy convention that draws writers, editors, publishers, artists, and fans from all over. This year, the guests of honor include Brandon Sanderson (my latest author crush) and George R.R. Martin.

I will be there, too, with my posse of writers I edit for: Jack Campbell, Jr., R.L. Naquin, and Sean Demory. All of us will be participating on various panels throughout the weekend. Kevin Wohler from Bottle Cap Publishing will be there, as well, but I don’t think he’s doing any panels this year.

So don’t be shy. Come say hello! I promise I won’t force one of my business cards on you unless you ask for it.


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