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Shadows of the Mind — edited by Doris Ross, Tricia Sparks, & LJ Gastineau, Trinity Gateways LLC (September 1, 2012).

My story “Who’s for Dinner?” is included in this anthology of things that disturb, that haunt the mind, forming shadows filled with fear, terror, and sickening horror.

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Misunderstood — edited by Rebecca McFarland Kyle and Tracy Simmons Bitonti of WolfSinger Publications (October 31, 2015).

Are you the kind of person who cheers for the underdog? Or in this case, under-gargoyle, homunculus, or orc? If so, this is the anthology for you! My story “The Heart of Stone Monsters” appears in this anthology.

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Once Upon a Scream — edited by Dan Shaurette, (April 23, 2016).

Once Upon a Scream…there was a tradition of telling tales with elements of the fantastic along with the frightful. My short story “Curse of the Elves” lives in this anthology of other dark original and fairytale retellings.

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The Book of the Macabre — edited by DreamFusion Press (October 27, 2016).

A morbid corpus of twisted tales drawn from the darkest recesses of some of the most disturbed minds ever to put pen to paper. My short story “Virus” appears in this collection of sinister and controversial, psychological and horrific tales.

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My short story “Why the Willow Weeps” was published in Issue No. 4, Spring 2013 of the Rose Red Review.

My short story “Sphinx’s Jeopardy” was published in Empyreome Magazine‘s weekly flash fiction serieson Friday, April 28, 2017.

My short story “Foreseeable Future” was published at The Arcanist on Friday, November 9, 2018.



2012 ConQuesT Story in a Bag  – winner, amateur fantasy category
2013 Fall Writers Weekly 24-Hour Short Story Contest – honorable mention
2014 ConQuesT Story in a Bag – winner, amateur horror category
2014 Fall Writers Weekly 24-Hour Short Story Contest – 3rd Place (read it here)
2015 Fall Writers Weekly 24-Hour Short Story Contest – honorable mention
2017 ConQuesT Story in a Bag – winner, science fiction category