Are you looking for a freelance editor to polish your manuscript so that it is ready for submission? Or are you a self-published author looking to clean up a manuscript so that it is ready for publication? Hiring a freelance editor is a valuable step in this increasingly competitive market. A pair of trained, unbiased eyes can help you turn your fantastic story into a professional manuscript.

I enjoy editing all types of genre fiction, although my specialties are fantasy, urban fantasy, and horror. I will edit any length of manuscript, from short stories to lengthy novels. I have edited several short story collections and anthologies, as well, so I can also help you put a project like that together. I will also proofread just about anything, as long as it’s just a basic proof.

I edit using track changes and comment bubbles directly in your manuscript. I prefer Word documents, and I also prefer manuscripts be sent to me electronically. If you absolutely must have a hard copy edit, please email me to make arrangements.

Here are the various services I provide.

Proofreading: $.007 per word (50k words = $350). I will look for typos, strange formatting, and simple grammatical errors such as punctuation, spelling, and word choice (homonyms or commonly confused words). I’ll also watch out for simple continuity errors (changing character names, inconsistent capitalization of words, and other formatting inconsistencies).

Developmental edits: $.008 per word (50k words = $400). This is also known as a content critique. I will focus on just the story, providing in-depth thoughts on plot, characterization and character arcs, pacing, dialogue, telling instead of showing, sensory details, setting, etc. I can also brainstorm possible solutions with you once I return your manuscript to help fix any issues. There are no line edits with this package.

Line edits: $.01 per word (50k words = $500). This takes the proofreading package one step deeper. I will correct any punctuation or spelling errors and typos I find, but I will also look for grammar and syntax errors, awkward or unclear sentences, dangling modifiers, overused words or phrases, awkward or stilted dialogue, etc., and make suggestions for corrections. There are no developmental edits with this package.

Make it a Double (both developmental edits and line edits): $.018 per word (50k words = $900). The Double edits are broken into two rounds—first pass developmental editing, second pass line editing. I will provide a thorough critique of the content, hand it back to you to incorporate the edits, and then do a round of line edits once you return it to me.

Interested? Contact me at with your project specifications and production timeline.

For new clients, at the start of a project, I will do a free sample edit of up to 1,500 words. There are two benefits to this: I will know if I’m the right editor for the piece, and you will get a feel for my editing style. If you’ve worked with me before, or you just need a proofread, you can forgo the sample edit.

I reserve the right to turn down a project if I can’t fit it into my schedule or I feel I’m not a good fit for it.

I also reserve the right to change my rates as I continue to hone my skills as an editor. Please check this rates page before inquiring about a new project to make sure you are aware of any rate changes.