Time for a Change

When this website was first created, I had big dreams of being a successful freelance editor. I had a friend create me an awesome header image advertising me as a certified professional. All of my pages were about rates and editing experience and publication of books I’d edited. It went strong for about two years, then it began collecting dust.

As it turns out, I’m entirely too particular about what I edit to ever make it a career. Besides. Editing for other people left me no time to write my own stories. By the second year of freelancing, I realized how much I missed writing.

That’s when I got serious. Or rather, the second (or third?) time I got serious. I’ve been writing consistently for the last few years and have been been working toward novel publication.

You can read about my writing journey over on my baby writer blog Prospective Writer, but my plans for this site are to be my professional face. My blogspot site will eventually disappear, as there are a number of embarrassing things the world doesn’t need to see, once I’m a Very Serious Writer with a Book Deal.

(Note: I will never be that serious, so no worries.)

Anyway. For now, pardon my dust as I fumble through building and branding my new official writer website. I lost my dear friend who created this website for me last year (which is, in part, why it took me so long to dismantle it), so most of the look and feel is temporary until I figure out what I’m doing.

At any rate. Hello and welcome. Hope you like it here.

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