Unfinished Muse now available in ebook!

unnamedI’ve been quiet for the last month or so, working hard on some projects for you all. I finally have permission to announce that R.L. Naquin’s first book in her new Mt. Olympus Employment Agency series is now available for purchase electronically! Run over to Amazon to get a copy of Unfinished Muse. It is also available at Barnes and Noble, if you are a Nook person. I believe it’s also available on Smashwords at this time.

In equally exciting news, this series will also be available in paperback! The hard copy version of Unfinished Muse should be available in a few short weeks. I will post an update when it’s available for purchase, if you’re more of a tactile person. I know I am! I can’t wait to add it to my “books I’ve edited” bookshelf.

I have read this book three times throughout the various stages of editing, and I still love every minute of it. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever felt like they’ve hit rock bottom or just aren’t sure what they are doing with their life. It is a great coming into oneself novel, with a little magic and mystery thrown in. There’s even a little bit of romance. Enjoy it!

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